It’s okay to not be okay

It's okay to not be okay

This week I’ve been in what some might call a “funk”. I’m not ashamed to say that I suffered VERY badly with depression in the past and that I am still prone to bouts of depression.

This morning I wanted to stay in bed, hide from the world and just drink tea and read my book all day. Thankfully, Aimee wouldn’t let me. Well, I say thankfully, but at the time I was not impressed. She gave me what I called a lecture, and what she called a ‘kick up the ass pep talk’. She reminded me that I like to be in control. When I feel like I’m losing control or I can’t have control of something, that’s when I start to sink. She reminded me of the positives. She reminded me of what we would call in the yoga world santosha.  Santosha is an attitude of being cheerful, consciously redirecting the mind toward the positives. Santosha is a practice. It doesn’t come naturally, like a lot of things; we have to work on it. So that’s what I’ve done today.

In doing so, I have come across some positive news apps/sites that I would like to recommend:

Gorgeously: Only Good News, Daily Happy News



It’s so easy to feel low at the moment (I don’t want to mention the C word). So much has changed and is changing. Feeling low is okay. Staying there, on the other hand, is where problems start. I know I have the tools “to get out of my funk”, and it’s also okay to acknowledge that it’s tough.

As one of my teachers says “joy is my nature”. We might not always feel it, we may have to work for it, but it is there somewhere. Count your blessings rather than focussing on the negatives. Acknowledge the negatives, but don’t dwell on them (and if this is too hard, then read a positive news story like I did!)

It’s okay to not be okay. But don’t get stuck there.

If you need help:


Samaritans: or call 116 123