It’s all about you.

Today was day two of my new class at JD Gym, the class are so welcoming and friendly, I love it! After the class, some of the students commented that they love how the class was both challenging, yet relaxing, and asked me how I did it!

In a mixed ability setting, I have to be prepared for super experienced yogis who may (or, equally, may not) want a challenge, or for those who are brand new to yoga. Regardless, yoga is for EVERYONE and I want to make sure that you are able to take something from the class, whether that’s spiritual, mental, physical, or just a nice relaxing lie down in savasana.

My theme for May is arm strength (and balances for those who want to take that leap into flight), but intertwined with that is the aspect of SANTOSHA (see previous blog post for more of that!). So, this month, I may well be offering for you to take lots of chaturangas, bakasanas, vashistasanas…and some weird hybrids in-between….BUT they are just options. I am just your guide.

Beach yoga
Bakasana (or, more precisely, kakasana because of my bent arms!)

It’s your practice, it’s your hour. Take what you need, regardless of those around you and whatever asanas they may be able to manipulate themselves into. And most importantly, remember savasana is a yoga pose, regardless of what non-yogis say!

Yoga Savasana

Do you prefer a challenge? Or are you there for the savasana?