It serves a purpose.

Autumn Tree
Autumn Tree

But it doesn’t mean I have to like it. Am I the only person who doesn’t like the changing seasons to autumn and winter? I have my reasons (or excuses, depending on how you look at it?!) – I suffer from Raynaud’s and Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD). So for me the colder, rainier weather is painful, both mentally and physically. Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely adore a walk with a blue sky on an autumnal day and looking at all the orange and brown colours of nature, but I just don’t get why everyone raves about it? I much prefer the warm sun, bbqs, long evenings, bright mornings, holiday season….I could keep going but this post is supposed to be about autumn.

So I’m going to turn my frown upside down. In my attempt to be more positive about autumn and winter, here is my list of reasons that I should enjoy this time of year:

  • The trees look stunning
  • People don’t think I’m crazy for drinking so many cups of hot tea (this is still acceptable on a hot summer’s day you know!)
  • I have an excuse to be antisocial and stay at home with my fur babies and my book
  • The Apprentice is back on TV
  • I can light all the candles in the house without Aimee telling me I’m turning the house into a vigil because I can use the excuse that “I need the light” so she can stop talking about me turning the house into a Diwali celebration
  • I can wear one of my woolly hats to cover up my messy hair
  • I get an excuse for extra meditation time in the morning as I sit in front of my lamp
  • I can wear all the “nanna” cardigans that I like
  • I can eat more Indian food because it will warm me up
  • I can wrap my fleece blanket around me and all my fur babies will instantly want more cuddles
  • I have fond memories of being a kid spending bonfire night with my dad and my sister and eating treacle toffee from my grandma
  • I have a perfect excuse go to more hot yoga classes, because, well, it’s helping my Raynaud’s

And a drumroll, please, for the most exiting one…

Aimee and I will be moving house at some point during autumn/winter. And she has promised I am allowed to adopt more fur babies when we move house. YIPPEEE!!!!

Appreciate where you are