Do you know what you need?

Just because it doesn't feel like magic at the time, doesn't mean magic is not happening.
Just because it doesn’t feel like magic at the time, doesn’t mean magic is not happening.

Last week I had a treatment with Kim at Wellbeing Wigan. Access Bars. I didn’t know what the heck it was at first, but about a month or so ago my partner had the same treatment after feeling a bit down and this seemed to be a magical cure. I’m not one for believing in magic, but this was pretty impressive stuff!

I’m very open and honest about my suffering with anxiety and depression and although on the outside I appear totally fine, this isn’t always the case (surprise surprise!). I’ve worked hard with my mental health to get to the point I’m at today, but nonetheless, I still have low days. About two weeks ago I was having a lull, and had watched “Heal” on Netflix about how we all have the power within us to heal ourselves and we don’t always need drugs, so I booked in for some magic with Kim. And magic it was.  

When I arrived I got snuggled up on the therapy bed and Kim asked me what I was expecting. In all honesty I didn’t know, I didn’t feel like I had a particular purpose for being there, I didn’t feel like I knew what result I wanted, nor what was about to happen. Admittedly, I had Googled Access Bars prior to my session, but was none the wiser – something to do with 32 points on your head being gently touched releasing anything that doesn’t allow you to receive. I’m a linguist and I’m very open minded, but I didn’t have a clue.

Kim explained what she would do and asked me if there was anything I would like to relieve (I can’t remember the wording she used) but I started to babble about a personal issue that has been ongoing for some time. So much for not having a reason for having the bars run?!

She guided me through a meditation to relax my body and breathing. Kim has such a soothing voice that even at this point I could already feel the magic happening. Throughout the session, she gently touched the points on my head, then down to my feet. I remember my thoughts being drawn to my “thing” at one point during the session when she was working on my hands and I felt as though Kim was drawing me in, giving me a hug, telling me she is there for me, and protecting me.

After the session, we had a brief chat about how I felt. I had drifted off, but not to sleep, but just to some calm state of being, somewhere between wakefulness and sleeping. I felt utterly relaxed, calm and safe. She talked to me about how when working on my feet she felt as though I was drawing energy in. In my mind I translated this to protection, of myself and what I feel is important to me, but those are my own musings. Given that I was shortly about to teach two yoga classes for the evening that’s pretty much where the conversation afterwards ended – no-one wants a yoga class with someone who doesn’t even feel like she’s in the room! She later sent me a text with more information and reflections for me to work on. One in particular resonated with me, “What more forgiveness can I be?” I know I need to let go, forgive. Others, myself. Perhaps we all do? Forgiveness is not easy, but I already know that it will bring freedom, power and strength.

I sound like I know what I’m on about. Maybe one day I will be a spiritual leader as well as a Spanish teacher, yoga teacher, top girlfriend and fur-baby mummy!

In the meantime, I could not recommend Kim’s Access Bars treatment enough, even if just for the relaxation and “me” time.